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Occupy Sydney! Photos from the first eight days

November 15, 2011

Reminising the beginnings of Occupy Sydney…………something to keep building onto and putting in thoughts and energy…

Before its launch on 15 October, several organising meetings were held, including on the Wednesday just before, where 80 people from diverse political backgrounds came and real pushes towards building a democratic movement. For example, it was strongly argued and consensus was being built that the organising meeting would be simply to decide on the structures that would facilitate the democratic consensus process, that this meeting would not decide on behalf of the general assembly where we were to occupy.

The processes are never easy with such diversity amongst us. Not all of us were thrilled about how the first general assembly went, or other processes, but some of us are inspired by the efforts we collectively are and continue to be making. ´This is what democracy looks like!´

We endured limitless police harrassment and abuse, living on very little sleep, long discussion processes, etc… but we were awaken by feelings of hope and solidarity, of happiness in getting to know one another more and more, and people keen to join us, excited about the workshop space we have created amongst other spaces, content in seeing our new home and community get set up, making this a space of education, of sharing, of all of us learning lots. We grew quite attached to this space and tried to make it open as much as possible

The violent eviction does not end the movement, we are here to stay….. Occupy Sydney continues a lot of work together and it is up to us democratically collectively to decide what shape it is to take in the near future.

Everywhere in the world a tiny elite has the money, controls the media, our education system, etc, and this movement is against this system. You are part of the 99%, if you aren´t already part of occupied, talk with occupiers and if youd like, become part of and help build this horizontal leaderless movement, help make it horizontal and leaderless if it doesnt appear to be, shape it 🙂

love, an annonymous occupier

ps latest news: reoccupation is happening at Martin Place!!

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