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Projects and Protests… what’s IS out there?

November 3, 2011

In a vain attempt to encourage some more information swapping, mainly from YOU to ME, I want to pose another question …


Basically, there’s been heaps of activation going on in “camps” and on the “streets” … I need an injection of art for the Art Action Union to continue to claim to be art based…

You, our members are out there seeing it and sharing it and making it!  Throw some up on our pages please, and I will share them around…

Please don’t submit art via email, but either post to our facbook or find some of the galleries (links below) …

This blog looks way tooooo unartistic… some of the best ones are going here.

It doesn’t need to be your art, you can share that of other people of course, but please ensure to acknowledge the original artist please.

I’m watching 🙂

Now, first thing to do is go to this page and post on the wall… I can share it easily to a couple of different pages there…

Then, go to the facebook group here: and do the same.

Everything facebook is also twitter…

Also, there are a number of art galleries/groups at Redbubble, find links to the groups we’re associated with there from our Profile Page here: scroll down a little for “hosting groups”.

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