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Art Action Union Facebook Profile Suspended … sniff sniff

February 23, 2011

ok… 1 week since Facebook suspended the Art Action Union account (my other personality if you didn’t already know it) AND they have not returned any emails. I shall write again… but – I am not hopeful!

We nearly had 5000 followers too, so I still feel sick! It was a year of damn great networking and activity and sad to see wiped in the corporate way of things. But we shall perservere!!!

We also lost the “page” page but luckily I held onto this group because my “real” identity was the one who started it…

Optimistically, I am seeing this as an opporutunity to do some hardcore marketing… when I stop being sick.

I will keep you posted when I figure out exactly the best way to manage this new challenge…

Sorry guys, it seems I breached the terms and conditions (no doubt along with many other groups and organisations that enjoy the profile page functionality of facebook) by not using my real name, which is silly cause this is like a job to me and I needed to keep my personal life and art separate from the Art Action Union concept.

But I am not even afforded the opportunity to plead this case, as they apparently want a scanned copy of my driver’s licence or passport to prove my identity… so I am in a conundrum….

I will set up a new page in the near future… However, please spread the word that we are living here on facebook for now: Our Group page –

If you know people that were following us before, please invite them here … we are now a disconnected bunch.

If you have any ideas feel free to email me at:

There is also the blog, which I will be communicating through at wordpress:
You can sign up here to get updates in your inbox.

Please, help us rebuild!

Tearfully and sadly,


and don’t forget to
“aspire to inspire”

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