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Dear Mr. Zuckerberg – about facebook and how it’s used!

May 19, 2010
Interesting… Mr. Privacy here who recently stated that “privacy was no longer the norm” … has his own facebook group, as founder no big deal…

But … Mr. Openess doesn’t like wall posts from other ‘fans’ or personal messaging … I guess it’s only good to keep privacy for yourself isn’t mr. Zuckerberg … who I might add also has listed ‘revolutions’ as an interest…

Now… who seriously is upset about the new “opt out” issues with facebook … is it enough to make you close your account and lose all your work?

Is it unacceptable that small orgs using social networking as an effective marketing tool are the ‘make or break’ whim of other commercial companies?

Ala – Ning, make your name using word of mouth advertising by creating sub-networks to do your advertising for you, but then – sell them out because you can’t accept that you need to put research and development into spam control and actually protecting people who aren’t paying you to do so. 

How do we get the technocrat out of the cyber community … ???

Oh and Mr. Zuckerberg – I think you may need to actually get in touch with ALL of the uses facebook is manipulated for … not all people in all countries agree with your statements of ‘let it all hang out for the world to see’ … so take this as a formal letter of protest from the aau with regards to facebooks attitude towards the technocratic avenue it takes regarding the accessible knowledge base of your users … basically dude – and you know it don’t ya cause you’re supposed to be clever – this opt out thing isn’t very cool for the lesser knowledged computer users is it??? 
Are you pushing to make people more facebook savvy first – not enough educatin’ going on to support your nubile theories to push your personal agenda …

And no matter how ‘immature’ your were this resonates with me from an article about your email history: “if you ever need personal information” … “they trust me (add expletive)” … shows your dogma unless you work bloody hard to change your personal attitude I see, psychically your personal demise… keep facebook yours, you better stay popular dude…

and keep your teddy bear, he might end up the only one you can share with eventually …

It’s also funny how facebook’s attitude towards ‘content’ and the creation thereof for the entertainment of your collective account holders doesn’t involve a mechanism AT ALL for protecting the innocent …

How much blood is on your private hands now???

It’s not generic to this online community though, you guys are all too tight wads with your money to actually provide what a real/virtual community needs… if this site was a nightclub it would be pretty damn ugly/.
and that’s why I am here to keep a moral balance…

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