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January 13, 2009


The more the merrier and the more bizarre and informative minds we get to mingle with…

Our community collective has had members join from lots of diverse places recently and the new year has brought new thoughts and perspectives for the education and awareness of any who happen by the spaces the Art Action Union Inhabits. We now are up to 97 members, can we kick in past ONE HUNDRED with a sprint? INVITE INVITE INVITE people… go nuts…

Our facebook group has swelled to 168 members… feel free to intercept and network through us there also.

On the Art Action Union Creative Activism Group is at 470 likeminded folks who make and post provoking pieces of art and writing pretty much constantly… a activist art feast… We also are affiliated with other groups and have a moderating presence on the panel for Current Issues and Anti-Consumerism

Follow the movements of the Art Action Union on Twitter by clicking FOLLOW KAOSKYANE

And I have just joined MySpace where I will also be gathering souls for promoting our wears… spread the word, use all your resources and become our army of advertisements… add our badges or logos or banners…

This year too, i will be revisiting our portal to hopefully get it up… as time, life and resources allow 🙂


The Art Action Union are very glad to be associated with this great effort from a group of activists in Quebec Canada. Do you know what Tar Sands are? Do you know why they are important and why if they are ‘used’ for dirty energy it will be a bad thing? Well… find out, educate and make art to spread awareness. What goes around comes around contribute and your heart will find further repose… or at best, good karma will come to you.

From one of the organisers, Christopher Stewart:

The Lepufology Project is a not-for-profit collaborative art project which aims mainly to raise public awareness of the issues and impacts of the non-consensual development of oil sands in Alberta, of the various organizations taking action against it, and of alternative energy sources.

The Alberta tar sands development project has been described as “the largest industrial project in human history and likely also the most destructive.” It raises numerous social, environmental, and economic issues such as declining human health in many communities, the second fastest rate of deforestation on the planet behind the Amazon Rainforest Basin, fragmentation and devastation of bird and wildlife habitat, species loss, atmospheric pollution, acid rain, greenhouse gases, climate change, water pollution, degradation of water quality, contamination and sickening of wildlife and residents, lack of proper consultation and accommodation of First Nations interests, and loss of fishing grounds and traditional hunting and trapping territory.

Because of its sheer scale, the development of tar sands in Alberta impacts all of us, no matter where we are located on the planet.

Artists and artistically inclined people are invited to participate by creating digital art inspired by the cause or by the accompanying sci-fi short story and soundtrack. Then they are asked to submit their artwork to the project, spread it around, and link back to the project’s website. Already existing pieces of art are also accepted, and so is art which is related to the cause even if not directly inspired by the story. All forms of art are accepted, as long as they are submitted in digital format easily shareable on the world wide web.

Take action right now ! Participate and help stop the tar sands !


4zZz fm Community Radio in Brisbane is one of Queensland (and Australia’s) pioneering grassroot mainstays, not only delivering cutting edge music entertainment and events but offer a bunch of Radical Radio shows… including MegaherzZz. Join us on Facebook!

Unfortunately there is no podcast but ideas for awareness are encouraged and welcome from all parts of the globe. Contact me directly or post to the group if you are not Facebook shy.


Art Action Union member Angelique Price has been copping some great press lately for her beautiful portraits, most recently from Juxtopoz Magazine… and with damn good reason… she is one of the most awesome portrait poster print-makers with a pantone! or sharpie… ever!

What is extra awesome however, enhancing the beauty that emanates from her work, is that she has a gift in bringing out the most vulnerable aspects of political and social leaders through bright, almost psychedelic, hand-drawn and coloured posterisations.

Angelique’s portrait of Barack Obama shows not just his strength of character, but she has chosen a pose for him that is less than confident in feel but more the confident looking for counsel. Seemingly a leader who is looking to the people for advice.

But it is her portrayal of strong and courageous women that I love the most …

Particularly Angelique’s tribute to Benazir Bhutto, this artwork brought the knowledge of this woman’s strength and untimely demise at the hands of the corrupt and intolerant.


Congratulations to rubyred for gaining the voting advantage for the Peace knot tshirt – buy it now by clicking the image below.

To view (and/or purchase) some of the other inspiring entries of tshirts and wall art, follow the blue link line…..

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